The Geisha Girl 1

国内の週刊誌、そして海外の男性雑誌にも取り上げられている私の代表作です。私の作品、御覧になった皆さん、お気軽にコメントして下さい。 海外からの方の為、英語で芸者に対する解説を増やしました。

I will explain to you about this photo set of “GEISHA
This word “GEISHA”is well know to the oversea peaple and
these “GEISHA”girls that attract the foreign males are
after used in the oversea movies.
Recentry the “GEISHA”girl is introduced as a heroine
“SAYURI”written by American author“Arthur Golden”.
This was the one the best sellers in 1999 and was filmed
in 2006.
I thought and desided to keep these “GEISHA”girls in
pictures so that people will remember forever the
mysterious beauty of Japanese girls who entertain the
special guests in highclass Japanese restaurants with the
traditional Japanese culture and arts such as
“Japanese Danses”and old musical instruements.
These traditional beauty of Japanese culture may
disappear in rapid movement of the modern society,and I am
afraid that these will be no one after my generations who
can reproduce these traditional Japanese beauties.
In Western countries such as Germany or France,
many artists have tried to draw and paint Japanese girls
“UKIYOE”“MAIKO”and“GEISHA”may be because the
attractions of the
“KIMONO”the Japanese old costumes.
However we are very much disappointed wich them in most
of the cases ,When we look at them with Japanese eyes,
they are far from the original figures of Japanese girls.
this is the main reason I released these works.
I am very much sastisfied with these works and I have a
confidencial that I have completed the
“Modern Ukiyoe”by this set.

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